Horse Spa - Rockledge, Florida
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2205 Pluckebaum Rd.
Rockledge, FL 32926

Horse Spa's Services

Board & Care

  • We specialize in designing a custom care protocol for each horse’s individual and different needs.
  • Whether your horse is an easy keeper, high maintenance, young, senior, has allergies, needs medications, has too much energy or not enough energy, your horse will receive the care prescribed by a thoughtfully crafted and well executed regimen that will encompass all of his or her needs.
  • Any medical issues are attended immediately.
  • Top Quality Triple Crown and Southern States Feed.
  • Premium Western Hay ordered by the semi load
  • Three meals per day.
  • Supplements fed.
  • Bran night weekly served cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Stalls cleaned twice a day.
  • Grass turnout.
  • Vet & Blacksmith appointments accommodated.
  • Barn check every night and lock up.
  • Blanketing in winter.
  • Cool water rinse in summer and a cooling fan.

  • Training & Lessons

  • Full or partial training, conditioning, rehabilitation or show prep.
  • Saddle seat.
  • Dressage.
  • Hunt Seat & Hunter Jumper.
  • Western.
  • 4-H.
  • Ground work.
  • Long Lining.
  • Driving.
  • Introductory Lessons - Lesson Packages on your horse or we provide the horse. Adults or Children first timers or working on your show skills.
  • Off property Trainers welcome - ask about requirements.

  • Horse Spa, LLC Horse Spa, LLC Horse Spa, LLC

    Spa Care Available.

  • Grooming- full or partial.
  • Hoof care – sole paint or other preparations applied.
  • Body Clipping – Bathe and clip.
  • Bathing- liniments- conditioners – skin oils.
  • Skin care – hot spots.
  • Leg wraps – Dry – Liniment - Poultice.
  • Long term wound / injury / post surgical care.
  • Show Prep.